Workplace sexual harassment training

The #MeToo Movement, and a steady stream of sexual harassment allegations against men in multiple industries, have prompted small and large companies to reexamine their prevention policies, procedures, and programs.

MVP Strategies offers some of the best and most innovative workplace sexual harassment training available today. The training is designed for all employees, but MVP Strategies is especially renowned for its success in conducting workshops in which men are fully engaged, and from which they emerge with new ideas about how they can play a constructive role in changing workplace culture.

There is no power point! Senior MVP Strategies trainers conduct highly interactive workplace sexual harassment training for a range of employees, including C-Suite executives, managers and company personnel at every level of white and blue-collar workforces.

The training can be customized according to a company’s needs, but the overall focus is on the role that everyone in a workplace – from leadership to entry-level hires — can play in creating a healthy and non-abusive environment. Special attention is paid to the role of “bystanders,” and the ways in which colleagues and co-workers can head off, interrupt and challenge harassing behaviors before, during or after the fact.

The style of the trainings is highly interactive, with an emphasis on dialogue and active participation. This educational practice is in marked contrast to more traditional sexual harassment trainings, which often address the issue by focusing mainly on legal definitions and compliance with company policy.


Jackson Katz on C-Span

Oct. 27, 2017


Jackson presenting at The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Irvine, CA

June 20, 2017


Jackson Katz starts talk at 2:44 (hrs/min).